I’m Harry, Fire to Fork’s resident campfire cook, camera man, writer, dish pig, lumberjack, mechanic, fire builder and enthusiastic (but hopeless) fisherman.
For as long as I can remember, I have been outdoors, I will always choose a million star view over a five star resort; in fact I think I sleep better in a canvas bag than anywhere else.
My dad is a businessman who grew up as a farmer and my mum is a chef, so combining food, the outdoors and the corporate world (when I worked as a corporate consultant) has never seemed strange to me. My sister Rose is a designer and is responsible for getting this website off the ground; Rose is not a camper but she is a fantastic cook and has provided a lot of input on the content found here. I am very lucky having a dad who is very practical and a mum who is a chef, giving me access to a wealth of experience and ideas that have hugely influenced the recipes and techniques I use.
My vehicle of choice is a ’91 Landcruiser 80 series Sahara, we know as ‘Brick’. Brick may not look like much but he has been extensively modified over the years to ensure we can continue to visit the best locations Australia has to offer.
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