Over the years I have broken, tested, upgraded, and borrowed a lot of gear and in the process. I have also worked with a lot of great companies in R&D developing their gear further, making it tougher and more practical.
Full disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I get a few bucks from each one sold, others are just links to the cheapest place I know of. In either case, there are no links or products here that I wouldn’t recommend to a family member or close mate.

Latest additons

Cups – Front runner
Love the lids, they keep drinks hot or cold for hours and they are really well built and finished – comparable to my Yeti gear for half the price

Cooking Gear

Grill Basket – OzBraai Camp Braai
I have always been a huge fan of the grill baskets, but this is the best I have come across. Retractable handle, great frame with a clip to hold it steady and comes in a nice bag.

Chef Knife – OzBraai
After using the cleaver for over a year and loving it, I have just picked up the chef’s knife and first impressions are that we have another winner on our hands.

Fire Grid – OzBraai
This has been months in the making – I worked with OzBraai to design this and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Small Grill Basket – OzBraai Travel Braai
The little brother of the Camp Braai, this has quickly turned in to my favourite for smaller meals, it’s ultra compact, had a retractable handle and I has a great little frame.

Fire Pit – Red Roads
I have used other (far more expensive) brands of fire pit and I genuinely far prefer this kit. The main draw card over the competition is the quality of the bag – Thick, lined Australian Canvas.

(Currently out of stock – a great alternative can be found HERE)

Big Knife – OzBraai Cleaver
It may look big and clumsy but it is far from it. Being carbon steel it does need to be cared for but it is sure to give you years of faithful service.

Camp Oven – Southern Metal Spinners 10
I have been using this camp oven for a few years and since getting it I have given away all of my cast iron gear. It’s 75% lighter than cast, performs just as well as it, and will only dent, not crack, if you drop it. Australian made too.

Fry Pan – Sea to Summit
Small, Light and non-stick, I have been beating this thing around in my car for a couple of years and it still performs as well as the day I bought it.

Wok – Hillbilly
I used a cheap wok for years and I have to say it took a lot for me to stop using it, but the folding handle with this wok sold me. It takes up a fraction of the space in my drawers and can be used for nearly anything.

Pots – Sea to Summit
Lightweight hiking style pots that have proven to be very tough. The drain holes on the top and measurement increments inside are a nice touch too.

Portable wood stove – BioLite
Because I don’t like using gas, but sometimes you just want to boil the kettle. Great for summer.

Meat probe

Tripod – Hillbilly
Very practical, quite compact, but overwhelmingly cool to cook on.

Gloves – Thermic Lance
Simply the toughest and most heat proof I have found. I burnt out so many over the years, but these are lasting well (if you want a cheap one that will do an ok job, Bunnings has them for under $15)
Sauce Bottles (refillable) – Sea to Summit
(Ask in store for the large ones, not on the website) Sauce bottles that don’t leak and last in rough conditions. I find topping these up from the pantry before you go is great.

Camping Gear

Awning – Bush Company 270XT
Simply the toughest 270 awning you can buy. No poles, no fuss. I use mine at least 5 times a week and I honestly can’t imagine life without it now.

Chair – Helinox Sunset and Savannah (tan)
So small, so light and actually comfortable. I never take it out of my car.

Fridge/freezer – Snomaster 81.5l Traveller
I’ve run a lot of different brands, but this was so good I ended up building my whole rear storage system around it. Not very well known in Australia, but they have an amazing reputation in South Africa – very rugged.
Tables – Kaon and Front Runner
I only use stainless tables because they are heat proof, tough, easy to clean and last a lifetime./span>
Prado door table
Stand alone table

Cups – Front runner
Love the lids, they keep drinks hot or cold for hours and they are really well built and finished – comparable to my Yeti gear for half the price

Stubby Holder – Yeti
The last sip will be as cold as the first. This thing is a beast.
Canvas Bags/Chainsaw Bag/Clothes Bag etc – Crashpad I have tried lots of different brands, but the Crashpad gear is just so well made, double lined, super thick and takes an absolute beating.
Swag – Crashpad
Just the best thought out and best made swag I have found. It’s all about the little details that make this thing.
Drawer/Storage System – Pro Camp Solutions
This is a full-custom setup, but they can make you anything you like.
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